Centro Plus Desktop Controller

Standard Centro Plus package contents:


- Centro Plus Controller

- Mains power supply (220 V or 240 V)

- Line Junction box (6 pin) and cable

- User Reference Card (GB, F, D, I, E)

Centro Plus (Low Tier) functionality:

- 8 channel control

- Wild Card Control

- Repeater Operation

- PL Monitor Operation


Centro Plus models include the following standard features:


- 2 or 4 wire operation

- Simplex/Duplex Operation

- Large Red PTT button

- Tone Remote Control of Motorola base stations

- Parallel operation

- Intercom Operation


All models include:


- Handset with PTT

- Internal Microphone

- Telco style connectors for line and

  accessory connections

Centro Plus (High Tier) functionality enhancements

(all low tier functions plus the following):


- Fixed and variable side tones

- Direct PTT

- 10 position call stack

- Channel aliasing

- RS232 output for call log printer

- Universal decoder for ID and/or status display

- Select 5 desktop base station controller

- Highly flexible signalling features

- Icon based keypad overlay

- Definable power up channel

- Auto reset (carrier override and carrier independent)

- Alpha-numeric caller aliases ,20 identities each with up to   9characters

- Emergency operation (Tx/Rx cycles, 'hot' microphone, revert channel)

- Limited Trackmode (can define button disable/speaker always     on/direct PTT per channel)